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Granite Cutting Circular Saw Blades
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Product: Views:331Granite Cutting Circular Saw Blades 
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Last updated: 2019-09-07 01:41

1.Product introduction:

Granite saw blade is mainly for cutting granite, also Ideal for cutting of some concrete, brick, block, stone ect. the diameter 350/400/450/500/600/700/800mm can be suitable for your different machines like hand saw, table saw, bridge saw ect.

2.Product parameters:

Diameter(Mm) Inner Hole Diameter(Mm) Bit Tool Thickness(Mm) Bit Tool Height(Mm) Tooth Number
300 50 3.4/3.2 15 24
350 50 3.4/3.2 15 24
400 50 3.6 15 28
450 50 3.8 12 32
500 50 4.2 12 36
600 50 4.8 12 42
700 50 5.2 10 46
800 50 6.0 10 50
900 50 6.0 10 50

PS:other sizes can be OEM/ODM by our factory.

Different segments shapes:


3.Production process:

1. Make up diamond/metal powder formula of segments by our factory:

2. Hot press technology to produce segment parts:

3.Cold press of segments:

4.High temperature sintered of segments:

5. Segments finishing(ps:other shapes can be produced):

6.Weld the segments on the blades:

7.Twice quality inspection to issure no edge broken:

8.Polish the saw blade:

9.Color the saw blade by your requirement, color customized:

10.OEM laser printing:

11.A perfect granite cutting blade produced by Changli brand:

5.Suitable for different cutting machines:

6.The packaging(OEM/ODM offered):

PP plastic , carton box and wooden case:

7.Company introduction:


8.Our service:

Product service:

Pre-sales service:

After sale service:


10.Other stone knowledge:

In particular, the processing performance of the saw blade will affect the final performance of stone products. The manufacturers of diamond saw blades are well aware of this. Therefore, a new research is conducted on the manufacturing method of the blade.

Several kinds of metal powders were selected, mainly copper powders with low melting point, supplemented by cheap metal powders.At the same time, due to the processing of different stone, but also need to choose different metal powder and proportion.


Iii. Selection of die setting mode for diamond saw blade

The grinding tool with a size of 24mm 12mm 9mm should be selected to replace the original abrasive layer when using the diamond composite sheet. The size of each composite sheet is 24mm 12mm, and its thickness is mainly determined by the thickening deposition time and current density in the electroplating process, which is close to the diameter value of the diamond abrasive grains used in the composite sheet.The number of layers assembled by diamond saw blade manufacturers is adjusted according to the material of processed stone. The larger the grain of processed stone, the smaller the number of layers.


Selection of sintering process

Because the metal powder with lower melting point is mainly selected as the binder, a lower sintering temperature can be adopted. Compared with the common powder gold sintering method, the thermal damage degree of diamond can be reduced.Cold pressing and vacuum sintering are also available.

Classification of diamond milling toolsDiamond milling tools have two main processes in stone processing: one is roughing the surface of saw-cut wool board to make the stone surface more flat; The second is the stone material forming processing, carries on the profile processing to the stone material surface, thus forms the certain profile. A milling process of diamond stone refers to the former.Diamond milling tools can be classified in many ways, including shape, processing purpose, manufacturing method and processing technology.According to the shape of the tool can be divided into cylindrical milling cutter and disc milling cutter, according to its milling cutter used to process different stone parts can be divided into end milling cutter and circular milling cutter; According to the processing purposes can be divided into plate milling cutter and molding milling cutter; According to the tool manufacturing mode can be divided into hot pressing sintering type milling cutter and composite electroplating type milling cutter; According to the processing technology can be divided into profile milling cutter and plane milling cutter.